Apply for a Costume

Magic Wheelchair makes epic costumes for children in wheelchairs, at no cost to families. Children choose what they want to be for Halloween, a parade, a celebration, or another big day and then the artists and volunteers at Magic Wheel make a custom fit costume for the child's specific wheelchair. Below is information about applying to have a costume made for you or someone you know. Although the costumes are only for children, you must be the parent or legal guardian in order to be eligible to be selected.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Children ages 5 years and up
  • Primarily uses a  wheelchair
  • Have an idea for an awesome costume, or need a costume for a specific event (e.g., Halloween, birthday, Comic-Con, etc.)
  • Not related to any of Magic Wheelchair's employees or volunteers.
  • Only parent or guardian can apply, and must agree to the terms and conditions.