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Sigma 6k Virtual Run Fundraiser


Whovian Running Club is pleased to announce our third event of 2018:

The Sigma 6k!

Our third event of 2018 is truly an "ood" one! The Ood are an amazing race of telepathic beings who were enslaved by the human race in the 42nd century. Thanks to the Doctor and Donna Noble, the circle was broken and the Ood were free to sing! This event celebrates one particularly brave and clever Ood...Ood Sigma! All participants will get this amazing 3" medal (the translator ball and Ood Sigma's eyes glow in the dark!), custom satin ribbon, and the always popular custom digital bib.

When the circle was broken, the Ood sang with pure joy...and the Sigma 6k is going to give children PURE JOY. We are honored to announce that our charity partner for the Sigma 6k is Magic Wheelchair! They bring communities together to create unforgettable moments for children around the world by transforming their wheelchairs into “magic”. The child selects a theme/character that he/she would like and then a team of artists, carpenters, engineers, and other volunteers design a costume custom-made especially for the child’s wheelchair! Instead of being stigmatized, these children become the most popular person in the room! Learn more at

The suggested run date for this event is Sunday, 13 May. There's no fandom reason for this date, but it IS the day the #Master will be hosting a fun run in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the CONsole Room fan convention! This is just a fun are welcome to complete your 6k whenever you want! All medals will be mailed the week after registration closes.

Don’t forget to get your event shirt! We know you love super-geeky mash-ups, so here's a hilarious one! "May the Oods be ever in your favor" is just plain awesome geekiness! 
Get your shirt here:

For more information on how our virtual running events work, please visit our FAQ.

Sign up today and let's give some kids some pure joy!!